Thomas Tauris’ Lectures

Lectures 1 & 2:
X-ray Binaries and Recycling Millisecond Pulsars
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Lectures 3 & 4:
Spin and B-field Evolution of NSs
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Lectures 5 & 6:
Formation of Binary NSs, including BH/NS and BH-BH systems
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Lectures 7 & 8:
Binary NSs and Gravitational Waves at Low and High Frequencies
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Alberto Sesana’s Lectures

Lecture recordings:

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Supporting material

These lectures cover the formation and evolution of massive black hole and massive black hole binaries.

Some relevant background for the formation and evolution of the first structure (hosting the seeds of the MBHs in the universe) can be found in this arXiv paper. We will very briefly recap some of the key points to frame our discussion.

Some more information about the astrophysics of MBHs covered in the lectures can be found here.

These slides include some of the material that is covered in the lectures.

All lectures are at the whiteboard and have been be recorded.